A year I wrote "2009! You'll forever cry yourself to sleep at night at how awesome 2010 is!". And it most definitely came true. This year I've made many new friends, become borderline broke, learnt new things, fell in love, became gainfully employed again, discovered so much new music and an amazing music festival. Plus I discovered just how amazing an English summer can be.

In fact, I might just ask for 2010 to repeat itself.

So onto 2011. If 2010 was about shedding 2009, then my motto for 2011 is "Take no prisoners!". It's going to be a time to keep the momentum going, but also to push myself out the slight comfort zone I've developed.

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Gee, thanks laptop.

A week hasn't past since I repaired your overheating issue, and you decide that you miss me angsting over you so much you'll just pack up and die. A considerate laptop would actually make it to the BIOS before refusing to go any further, but not you, oh no...

Links o'clock

The Guardian bad sex awards 2009 - I think I agree with Neil Gaiman in regards to Nick Cave's nomination; that last line is sensational.

Colour perception made us naked - Scientist argues that the human eyes skin tone reading capabilities led us to our current naked state.

John Walker on the Christmas Doctor Who episode - A tearing apart of the just aired Christmas episode of Doctor Who that doubles as an A-Grade summary of everything that I've started to hate about the show for the last two to three seasons, especially its exaltation of stupid people. For another review that's spot on, see here

Don't judge my hair! - Vaguely related to all those Fail/canhascheezeburger sites, this one dwells on the crimes committed by hair stylists.


Insect evolution in underground railway systems - An interesting, if overtly snarky look at the arising of new insect species in underground railway systems.

An analysis on patterns found in Choose your own adventure novels - A look into the patterns of the paths found in choose your own adventure style novels. The author makes good use of graphics to show the different structures of the books examined, and pretty graphics always wins points in my book. Personally I'd be interested to see the methods applied to the Fighting Fantasy series; the CyoA series tended to branch out into many potential areas, but the FF series tended to loop back onto set paths.

Watch repair in micro gravity. - Apparently if you're going up into space the one thing you don't want to run out of is tape.


My browser has become rather filled with tabs of sites I've been meaning to distribute to you fine people, so it's probably time I got on with it...

3D Mandelbrot set - An attempt to create a 3D visualisation of the mandelbrot set. Also includes an intro to the set if you're interested.
Hyperrealistic sculptures - Modern techniques used to create near photorealistic sculptures. Jamie Salmon's set does some cool stuff with torn sculptures.
NZ Book council animation - Cool little animation.

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My month so far in rapid summary; visited Italy, went to the MCM (massive anime, comics and computer game expo here in London, played L4D2, Bayonetta and Borderlands), saw F*ck Buttons live and just got back from the stackoverflow convention Devdays.

Will post actual summaries and thoughts and many awesome links to random things soon.